Carry On Jatta Movie Review

Carry On Jatta - Movie Review -

"Carry On Jatta" carry forwards the league of "Jatt and Juliet", Stakes were running high on "Carry On Jatta" as "Jatt and Juliet" in its 4th week is still pulling crowd to theatres and have sought of set Benchmark for Punjabi Cinema. But "Carry On Jatta" stood by its expectations delivering yet another great product to Punjabi cinema.

The film is about a bunch of misfits whose misconception about each other’s backgrounds end up in a series of chaotic, yet comic outcomes.

It is an out an out comedy of marital mixups. Advocate Raminder Bajwa (Jaswinder Bhalla) stays with his two sons Goldie (Binnu Dhillon) and Sunny (Gippy Grewal). While Goldie is married to Preeti and assists his dad, Sunny has his own business. Rocky (Gurpreet Ghuggi) is Sunny’s good friend and good for nothing son of Police Inspector Sikander Tiwana (B.N. Sharma). Rocky’s only aim in life is to get married to a rich girl - Nikki. Sunny is smitten by Mahie (Mahie Gill).

Circumstances not only compel Sunny to lie to Mahie, that he does not have a family, but to get married to her as well, unknown to the family. Unfortunately Mahie lands up at Sunny’s house as tenant.Sunny introduces Rocky as Mahie’s husband to his family. To make matters worse Rocky in order to get married to Nikki, lies to her that he is Raminder Bajwa’s son.

It is total chaos when both the guys have to hide the wives and family from each other.

Carry On Jatta - Movie Review -

Smeep Kang's "Chakk De Phatte" is among one of the Best Punjabi comedy movies, In this movie as well few punches by Gippy and Ghuggi are from "Chakk De Phatte" which reminds audience of its connection to it. As mentioned in "Jatt & Juliet" movie review Jaswinder Bhalla's character was overshadowed by Diljit Dosanjh but in this movie Jaswinder Bhalla strikes back giving one of his carrier best performances, Binnu Dhillon had an amazing chemistry with Jaswinder Bhalla, their Comic timings, Sequences, acting delight to watch. With that said comes another star of party Gurpreet Ghuggi again proving what he is capable of flawless performance supported by BN Sharma. BN Sharma is such a great actor give him any character and expect best from him. Rana Ranbir, Karamjit Anmol, Sardar Sohi, Anshu Sawhney completed the brigade of power packed performances. Talking about leads Gippy Grewal coming back to comedy genre performed fairly well, Smeep Kang did his best in getting best out of him, Mahie Gill was also part of Smeep's "Chak De Phatte" but was little known then, Now She is well known and among main female leads. Coming back to Punjabi Films She was quoted "I wouldn't want to term it as my 'comeback' to the Punjabi film industry, since I never left it in the first place. "I have learnt a lot in this industry. But the scripts being offered to me in the meanwhile weren't interesting, and honestly, Bollywood left me with no time for anything else,"

Carry On Jatta - Movie Review -

On Technical front movie is very well conceived product, All technical aspects were well taken care off direction, script, Sound and Cinematography taking into account story line & indoor shoots. Although Lot is being said about movie being slow initially and inclusion of 3 songs in first 30 mins. But that first 30 mins set the tone of what to come & acted as a stage setting time. If one can really highlight something that would be music of movie which misses its charm as compared to "Jatt and Juliet"

Overall "Carry On Jatta" is full no non-sense situational comedy entertainment movie, A very well directed and conceived by Smeep Kang, With some of best performances by supporting Cast. Can be tagged as an unconventional Punjabi Movie whose laughter could take you down. watch and "ENJOY".

"Maadi Aulaad Na Mazaa Na swaad"

Carry On Jatta Review
Carry On Jatta Review
Carry On Jatta Review
Carry On Jatta Review


Carry On Jatta Review

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